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Brussels Fashion Days



Antonio Sgariglia was born in 1967 in one of Italy’s leading fashion districts, the region of Marche, which is renowned for its fine shoe industry. Antonio studied shoes design and pattern making at the Fashion Design Technical School. In 1986 he started working as a design consultant for brands like Fiorucci, Mc Allen and Trickers. In these years, he learned to experiment with design and he mastered all shoe making processes and techniques. In 1990 he moved to Rome to work in the world of fur for the designer Manlio Mallia. Upon arriving in the city, Antonio was introduced to the thriving Rome fashion scene. The highlight every season was the preparation for the haute couture fashion shows. Between 1990 and 1998 Antonio continued to work as a shoe design consultant for Sandro Magli, Aldo Bruè, Franco Rizzo and Caiman. In these years he created exclusive footwear prototypes and innovative components that were often featuring on the Vogue Leather Italia magazine. In 1998, Antonio was offered a job as design consultant at the Dutch shoe company Dick Boons. This marked the beginning of a long period that saw Antonio cooperate with a number of European brands such as Bronx in The Netherlands, Exit in Belgium, and Termans in Spain. He began researching, selecting and advising on fashion trends and materials. When Antonio was contacted by Martin Koller, the owner of the Austrian shoe brand Think! in 2000 he was thrilled to have the chance of working on pioneering what was to become a trend in fashion a few years later: sustainability. Antonio took on with passion the challenge of proposing innovation in the design of shoes made with ecological leather, natural rubber and organic materials. This experience is still continuing today, and Antonio is very proud to be part of this adventure.

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