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Brussels Fashion Days


  • 18.00: Opening

  • 21.30: Opening Fashion Show

    The opening fashion show of the Brussels Fashion Days will present the Belgian designers who create today’s and tomorrow’s fashion. A discovery of surprising creations by their colors, shapes, materials and styling.


    Designers : Valentine Avoh, Maison Ullens, Maxime Edward, EMILIE THIRION, WAVELENGTH brussels, Ireene, Catalina J., Erratum Fashion, Valentina Tsitiridis, Just In Case, Pluto On the Moon, Zilton, Citysport, Eskimo, Eriya Miura; Avenue Matswa, Citysport, Oh Fil deleau, Thelma & Louise, Toni Captain, Signé zoé, Florence Brialmont.

  • 23.00 > 01:00: Fashion Drink

  • 14:00: Opening

  • 17:30: Kids & Teenagers Fashion Show

    Fashion designers for children and teenagers will be invited for the first time on the Brussels Fashion Days’ catwalk.

    During the fashion show, young dancers will substitute themselves for the models to make you live the most captivating show.


    Designers : Bonjour Maurice, Maison Balena, Gymp, Inevitabile, Papillon Blanc, Kioko Kids, Max & Lola.

  • 21:00: European Fashion Show

    Winners of international competitions, young graduates of the most prestigious European fashion schools and confirmed European designers, the European Fashion Show will offer an overview of fashion through a trip all over Europe.


    Designers : Gustavo Lins, Ines Monjo, Sarah Bruylant, Le Roni, SARIVALENCI, Narbon, Sia, Ferry Schiffelers, Bav Tailor, Noss, Antonia Schreiter, Antonio Tuo, Muhire.

  • 23:00 > 05:00: Afterparty by Catclub

    Afterparty will be curated by Catclub collective.

  • 12:00: Opening

  • 17:00 > 19:00 : Schools’ Fashion Show

    During this unique fashion show, the 10 Belgian fashion schools are gathered together to unveil a colorful and eccentric show.


  • 4 Fashion Shows
  • Fashion Pop Up Store
  • Schools’ Street
  • Workshops
  • Fashion Talks
  • Beauty Bars
  • Live Performances